Don’t Miss Out on the Garnet & Gold Silent Auction!

Don’t Miss Out on the Garnet & Gold Silent Auction! Friday,  September 27, 2019

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Family Weekend is full of exciting events surrounding the Florida State University community and this year is no exception! To kick off the weekend, the annual Garnet & Gold Silent Auction will be taking place at the 1851 Dining Hall (2nd Floor) alongside Family Weekend Check-In on Friday, September 27th. 

The Garnet and Gold Silent Auction is just over a decade old and is the biggest fundraiser allowing FSU Family Connection to support FSU Family Fund. FSU Family Fund provides services and support for students on-campus through free flu shots to more than 2,500 students through University Health Services, Stress Buster Days around midterms and finals through the University Counseling Center, and Move-In and Graduation Assistance for the Unconquered Scholars program- just to name a few things provided by Family Fund. Because tuition does not cover the items stated above, FSU Family Fund works to provide these important student needs. By attending and participating in the auction, the goal this year is to raise enough funds for book scholarships, the Food for Thought Food Pantry in the Dean of Students Department, and a Thanksgiving meal for CARE students.

As an attendee of the auction, you get the chance to place bids on a variety of goodies put together by the auction’s host, the Family Connection Council as well as several other university and local supporters. This year, students and families can expect a plethora of FSU memorabilia, practical residence hall  items, collectible items, gift baskets, gift cards, and concert/sports tickets! Some of the sponsors for this year’s auction are Barefoot Campus Outfitters, Books-A-Million, Madison Social, RedEye Coffee, the FSU Bookstore, and many more businesses. Thanks to these donors and sponsors, the Garnet and Gold Silent Auction is looking forward to benefiting the FSU Family Fund and providing families with fun gift baskets!

Mark you calendars so that you have a chance to bid on some awesome merchandise. If you cannot attend the auction, consider making a donation to the Family Fund here. Want to know exactly what will be available for bidding?–make sure you are signed up to receive the Family Connection newsletter that will feature details on baskets & bidding. Hope to see you Friday!

By Abby Cloud

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