Heading Home for the Break? Sustainable Campus has Some Reminders for Students

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As the excitement about coming home over Thanksgiving Break approaches, FSU’s Sustainable Campus wants parents to take the initiative to remind their students about last minute tasks that should be completed prior to leaving home. Not only will these tasks help out the students as they spend time away from dorms and apartments, but they also have the opportunity to benefit our environment. 

Prepare your student for the break by passing along the following reminders:

Bring home shorts and t-shirts. If your student is coming home, encourage them to bring their warm weather clothes since it will be chilly in Tallahassee for the next several months. They can swap out their wardrobe again during spring break when the weather warms up again.

Donate unwanted items. Holiday breaks are a great time for students to gather up items they no longer need or use and donate them to local thrift shops or drop off locations around Tallahassee. There are several Goodwill donation bins around town where students can drop off items at any time. If students comb through their belongings now, it’s less they’ll have to organize and pack when moving out in the spring. 

Pack strategically. If your student is coming home, encourage them to bring home Halloween/fall decorations, this semester’s textbooks, and anything else they won’t need next semester. This will also save time and space when packing in the spring.

Power down. Remind your student to unplug all their appliances except their refrigerator and turn off any power strips. They should also turn off their heat/AC and shut off all their lights.

Reduce food waste. Encourage your student to eat any perishable food still in their fridge and to donate any non-perishable food to the Food for Thought food pantry on campus.

Trash and recycling. Remind students to take out their trash and recycling before they leave.

Lock up: Remind students to lock their doors and windows, and secure their bike if they have one.

Share. Share these reminders with other parents to help students be prepared.

Sustainable Campus wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Edited by Abby Cloud

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