Top 5 Hidden Gems at Florida State University

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 2.03.54 PMBy Anne Lam

Everyone likes to talk about how there are many different things offered at FSU, but never really go into detail as to what. Here are some things I frequently enjoy⁠—although not everything is necessarily free, it’s worth the time to go!

1. The Student Life Cinema (SLC)

Everyone likes a great movie, but what’s better than that? If it was free! The Student Life Cinema has just that. They usually show recent blockbusters or even advanced screenings of select films. If you are not a student, you can still go for just $5.

2. Honey Fried Chicken Fridays at Seminole Café

I’ve had a lot of good chicken in my days (foodie stories are for another time), but this chicken easily has become one of my favorites. It’s a nice balance of sweet and salty with a tender crispy chicken. You can find this treat on Fridays at lunch in the Seminole Café.

3. 3D Printing at the Innovation Hub

One summer I got really bored so I taught myself some 3D printing basics (the engineering nerdiness is really showing, haha!). However, I didn’t want to pay for an actual 3D printer…why pay for something when the Innovation Hub allows students to use it free of charge? The Fablab is super cool and has a literal wall of 3D printers. The Innovation Hub also hosts workshops and trainings for a variety of things from coding to game design.

4. International Coffee Hour every Friday at The Globe

Every Friday, take a detour to the Center for Global Engagement, or the Globe, and learn through tasting a culture different from your own! Every week, International Coffee Hour hosts conversation fueled by a beverage and pastry from a different country. It’s like a passport to a different experience and the best part: free for students!

5. Mile Long Track

Recently, I have been trying to run more, but it is quite difficult due to the elevation changes. But the track is most definitely flat and open to the general public when the track team is not practicing. Lanes five to eight is available to everyone!

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