Exploring FSU’s Student Government Association Agencies

By Abby Cloud

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Florida State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) works to provide advocacy and representation to all students within the FSU community. In efforts of upholding this mission, students have the chance to get involved and be recognized through any of the six inclusive, identity-based agencies that partner with FSU’s student government. 

The agencies encourage the diversity and individuality of the FSU community, and allows students to meet other students with similar identities, as well as embrace their own identity while in college.

Asian American Student Union. The Asian American Student Union (AASU) represents the Asian American community at FSU and spreads the culture and heritage to our University’s community, as well. AASU consists of 9 affiliate organizations, including a multicultural fraternity and sorority and several student associations identifying with specific cultures and identities within the Asian American community. 

There are six different committees within AASU that work to bring to celebrate the Asian American community on FSU’s campus. These committees vary from sports, multimedia, community service, and fan dance. AASU also leads the FSU community in celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) annually in March and April. 

Black Student Union. The Black Student Union (BSU) is an SGA-related agency that focuses on representing the African American community on FSU’s campus. Through BSU, students that are involved with the Union are encouraged to explore their identity and heritage through their Coalition Of Black Organizational Leadership (COBOL). Some affiliations within COBOL include the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and many more associations, societies, and clubs. 

BSU is responsible for hosting FSU’s Black History Month every February. With each celebration of Black History Month, BSU plans out fun activities, memorable events, and informative ways to continue educating the FSU community. 

Hispanic/Latinx Student Union. The newly re-named Hispanic/Latinx Student Union (previously the Hispanic/Latino Student Union) works to represent the Hispanic and Latinx community here at FSU. Serving as a diverse group of students, the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union (HLSU) actively promotes inclusiveness and states that “as an agency, all Seminoles are members of HLSU.” HLSU strives to educate the FSU community as well about their culture and heritage. There are numerous organizations affiliated with HLSU including the Hispanic Honor Society, fraternities and sororities, and several identity-based student associations.

HLSU consists of four different committees: Outreach, Public Relations, Events, and Professional Development. To get involved, students are encouraged to join one of the committees! To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, HLSU plans an array of events throughout September and October for the FSU community. 

Pride Student Union. Considered FSU’s largest student-run LGBTQ+ organization, the Pride Student Union represents and empowers students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. The Pride Student Union hosts Identity Nights, meetings that occur based on LGBTQ+ identities and are completely student-led. There are five committees that make up the Pride Student Union, including the Pride U-Fellows Program in which students can apply to participate in a two-semester long program that allows them to help solve issues that LGBTQ+ people face as well as mentor students in high schools.

The Pride Student Union hosts Identity Nights, meetings that occur based on LGBTQ+ identities and are completely student-led. Some of the Identity Night groups include DisabiliQTs, Out of the House In the Closet (OHIC), Multi+ Identity Night, and more. The Pride Student Union also oversees Pride Month, which takes place in October. 

Veterans Student Union. The Veterans Student Union (VSU) is a community that strives to assist and guide student veterans within the FSU community. In efforts to help student veterans feel positively about their community while also maintaining good academics, VSU is a great community that can help student veterans transition into the FSU experience. VSU is affiliated with multiple organizations like the Student Veterans Center, Collegiate Veterans’ Association, Students for America’s Military, and more. 

VSU also promotes resources beneficial to student veterans, including scholarships, University Health Services, the VA Outpatient Clinic, and more. 

A unique part of VSU is their FSU Veterans Film Festival, an event that occurs annually and helps to highlight the issues that many veterans can experience. Additionally, VSU organizes Veterans Appreciation Month activities in order to honor those who have served or are serving. These events take place throughout the month of November.

Women Student Union. The Women Student Union (WSU) advocates for the rights and growth of women “personally, professionally and politically.” Despite the limitations placed upon women, WSU actively works to bring attention to the issues women face, foster positive relationships with the women in our community, and raise awareness regarding sexual discrimination. Students wanting to get involved are encouraged to join one of the several committees available, including Public Relations, HerVoice Magazine, Organization of Women Leaders, and more. 

WSU also promotes some resources on campus available to students, such as University Health Services, kNOw More, University Counseling Center, Victim’s Advocate Program, and FSUPD. 

WSU manages Women’s History Month celebrations and activities throughout the month of March. Some of these events include the launch of HerVoice Magazine, Book Talks, Vagina Monologues, service opportunities, and more.

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