Getting Creative at FSU

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By Amorie Barton

Creativity and the arts has always been a very important aspect of my life. I love to create new things that everyone can enjoy and I knew I wanted to continue down this creative path at Florida State.

Being a Theatre major has opened my eyes to a world of creative outlets in FSU and the surrounding areas. Even if your student doesn’t want to go into a major in the College of Fine Arts, they can still find ways to engage artistically in the community and with other students.

If your student loves to perform, direct or write scripts there are a variety of opportunities in the School of Theatre and the FSU Film School in addition to opportunities in student based organizations.

Students can audition to be cast in films at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, in the School of Theatre’s Mainstage season, and even in the School of Dance’s performance season. The variety of Acapella groups and dance troupes at FSU also encourage students to join.

Outside of this exists an underground section of the performance world known as Student Theatre and Performance. Students can work with student based production companies like the Student Theatre Association, Rogue Productions, or White Mouse Productions. Here you can act, direct, or produce your own work! Totally new and unique forms of art can be created here and can be performed virtually anywhere, whether it be on stage or in a house. You haven’t lived until you go see an original house show created by students.

Outside of this exists many non-performance based methods of artistic expression as well. The FSU Audio Production Club is great for students interested in working with music or audio production in general. The FSU Thrift Club is a great club to join for students who are really into repurposing old clothes, thrifting and creating new clothes. There are also student-run magazines and newspapers if anyone is interested in modeling, graphic design or writing.

There are also many comedy based organizations on campus such as 30in60, No Bears Allowed, and Friday Night Live (FNL). I personally, am a part of the sketch comedy troupe 30in60 and it has honestly changed my life.

The ability to do something you love with other passionate students is invaluable, so if your student is interested in anything artistic, I’d definitely encourage them to get involved here at FSU. Even if they’re interested in something other than what I’ve listed here, I’m sure there’s an organization for them.

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