College 101: FSU Resources that Benefit Students


By Lily Borror

A common misconception is that you can just skate on by through college and not really have to “try.” Well, this is wrong! It took work to get here and it takes work to stay here.

There are tons of resources that Florida State University gives you to help you succeed, but it is your job to use them to the best of your ability (and yes, this does involve reading).

Here are some of the most important things to utilize frequently as an FSU student.

FSU Email

This is the email given to you by FSU and is how anyone on campus can contact you. You will get a lot of important emails sent to your FSU email address.

Class Syllabi

This is given to you by your professors during Syllabus Week every semester and has all the rules and policies you are expected to follow.

Class Schedules

This is where you can find where your classes are, what they are, who your teacher is, and what time they are.

Class Calendars

This is given out during Syllabus Week by the professor and has all the assignments and due dates for the semester.

FSU Alerts

These are sent out during any emergency on campus or right off campus that would potentially affect you and the FSU community.

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