Prioritizing Your Student’s Mental Health: Where They Can Go on Campus


By Tamia Brinson

More often than not, academics can require a lot out of your student and be quite demanding. Between homework assignments and studying, it can be easy for your student to forget or find the time to take care of themselves. Encourage your student to utilize their resources that are dedicated to their mental wellness.

There are quite a few on-campus resources your student can use if they find they might be needing a little extra help with their mental health. University Health Services are located in the Health and Wellness Center, and there is a psychiatry clinic located on the 5th floor that specializes in managing mental wellness.

The University Counseling Center, located in the Askew Student Life Center, is where your student can go to speak to a counselor. They assist students with an array of issues ranging from homesickness and general worries to struggles with relationships and anxiety.

Lastly, there is the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness (CHAW) located on the 4th floor of the Health and Wellness Center. CHAW encourages students to make healthy lifestyle decisions that will lead to life-long health and wellness. Here, they can get a life coach that will help with tracking their progress and making sure they stay on top of their goals.

Taking steps to take care of your mental health can be intimidating, so be sure to encourage your students to go and let them know that you support them and that you are a resource as well. Academic life can keep your student busy, but it’s important that they prioritize their mental wellness along with their grades.

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