Tips for When You Are Struggling Academically


By Mike Collins

Hello all! My name is Mike Collins and I am a junior studying biological science from Collierville, Tennessee. Being a STEM major, my classes are not always a breeze to get through. As a result, I have become an expert on where to go if you’re struggling in ANY class!

Office hours and utilizing your Teaching Assistant.

Every single professor and even teaching assistants at FSU is required to hold weekly office hours. This is time they have to spend on answering students’ questions. Moreover, this is a perfect way to develop a professional relationship with your professor and maybe seek out research opportunities of interest with them.

Late night tutoring at Strozier Library.

Perfect for the night owls out there: tutoring over a good number of introductory and intermediate subjects from 9pm–1am that goes from Sunday night to Wednesday night every week! Tutoring is administered by student-tutors who have earned at least a 95 or better in the classes that you’re taking and they are regularly tested on the material. Sometimes, the tutor has had the same professor as you and they can clue you in on what to expect for their exams!

English Reading and Writing Center.

Located right across from Academic for Center Enhancement (ACE)—which is also an amazing resource—this is a perfect way to get your paper proofread before you submit it! Fun fact: students have statistically performed an entire letter grade better on their papers by using this resource.{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:0,”srcClientId”:”cd20697b-ebf4-4ae6-80fe-6bc2ea47e09a”,”srcRootClientId”:””}

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