Getting Around Campus Without a Car

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By Brianna Gann

One of the biggest misconceptions of incoming freshmen is the need for a car during their first year. Getting around campus, and even off campus, during my freshman year was simple after knowing the resources FSU has for students to get around.

I am an Engineering student, which means I have to travel around 5 minutes off of campus to attend my classes and visit my actual college building, eliminating the possibility of walking.

One of the best decisions I made was being comfortable with using the Seminole Express bus system. Throughout my four years, I have realized that many students walk and spend money on Uber, because they are unfamiliar with the bus routes or how to find them. Luckily, there is an app that updates the location and routes of every bus, including the Tallahassee StarMetro buses.

The second best decision I have made to get around FSU and Tallahassee? I purchased a moped in January to make traveling to class quicker and definitely cooler (as far as outside temperature AND socially)! Of course, I understand the importance of safety, which is why I wear a helmet and make sure I take the correct roads.

Some other great options for getting around is the Nole Cab (only $5 per carload with a Student ID), the SAFE Connection bus that runs at night, ZipCars which is similar to a rental car deal for college students, and free rides to the FSU Rez!

Regardless of your student’s transportation plans, I encourage your students to become familiar with using Seminole Express, and alternative options to get around campus and beyond!

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