Within Boundaries, Get to know your Student’s Experience

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By Bridget Duignan

One of my favorite aspects of college is being able to share my experiences with my family.

This first came to fruition when I started talking about my friends on the phone and posting photos on Facebook. When my family and I talk on the phone, not only do they inquire about me and how I am doing, but they do the same when asking how my friends and important people in my FSU experience are doing as well. It makes me feel comfortable to let them know what I am doing and who I am with⁠—and mostly, how happy it makes me. I know that it makes them happy, too!

Because my family has become more familiar with the people I surround myself with, we have established new elements of trust and mutual comfort while they are at home and I am at school. They are now able to see my friends and I reflect in each other and enjoy our collegiate experience.

Of course, this could be a hard topic to approach. Allowing your student to establish the boundaries they feel comfortable with in sharing will allow for mutual trust. Within these boundaries, I encourage families to be involved with a student’s life beyond just the student themselves– include inquiries about friends, professors, acquaintances, and experiences, too!

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