Florida State Faculty and Staff as a Resource

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By Angel Purganan

As a first-generation college student, I didn’t get extensive guidance coming into college and assumed that it was just the norm for students to just figure things out by themselves.

That is far from the case here at FSU.

There are so many helpful and caring staff and faculty members on campus that are more than happy to help students with whatever their needs may be. I never expected how much active guidance and motivation I would receive from fostering close relationships with them.

One of the departments that we have on campus that has been extremely helpful to me is the Office of National Fellowships. I always encourage younger students to attend programming from this office or to at least introduce themselves to its faculty members because they have helped me immensely as I transition into my later years as an undergraduate. This office helps students create applications and essays to scholarships, fellowships, and any other outside-of-the-classroom opportunity that they may seek. I have had them review my personal statements, resumes, and everything in between in preparation for application season.

I wish I had taken the initiative to visit departments like the Office of National Fellowships as a freshmen because so many of the opportunities you can apply to are only freshman or sophomore specific.

I would encourage your student to reach out to the faculty members of their college if they are interested in pursuing internship or research opportunities in their field. I have always had a positive experience with FSU faculty and staff, and I am grateful to attend a university where there are always people willing to help.

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