Spring Break Reminders from FSU Sustainable Campus

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*Photo courtesy of FSU Sustainable Campus.

Whether you’re traveling or staying local for spring break, here are a few reminders to consider:

The weather is warming up, so pack up your coats and hoodies. If you’re going home, bring your cold weather clothes with you and bring back your shorts and t-shirts you may have brought home over winter break.

Donate. Spring break is a great time to gather up any items you no longer need or use and donate them to a local thrift-shop or drop-off location. Wondering if it’s something you should keep or donate? If you haven’t used it at all this school year, it’s probably time to pass it on to someone else.

Try the one suitcase challenge. If you’re going home, consider packing a suitcase full of things you won’t need for the rest of the school year like last semester’s books, extra clothing or shoes, holiday decorations, room décor, etc. Remember the more stuff you bring home now, the less you’ll have to pack later!

Power down. Unplug all of your appliances except for your refrigerator and turn off any power strips. Turn off your AC and shut off all the lights.

Reduce food waste. If you’re planning on traveling, eat any perishable food you have in your fridge before you go. If you have excess nonperishable food, consider donating it to the Food for Thought Food Pantry on campus.

Trash & recycling. Take any trash and/or recycling in your room or office to the proper disposal spot.

Lock up. If you’re traveling, make sure all windows and doors are shut and locked before you leave. Don’t forget to secure your bicycle or car!

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Have a wonderful spring break!

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