CHAW and FSU kNOw MORE Bring Awareness to National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Campus organizations are partnering to bring awareness and support to the Florida State community virtually all throughout the month of April for national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). This year, the theme for SAAM is “I Ask,” which is intended to convey how crucial consent is—especially in everyday actions. 

The Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness (CHAW), the kNOw MORE Student Advisory Board, Green Dot, and the Department of Student Support & Transitions have created an extensive calendar of events for students and faculty and staff to take part in.

CHAW_SAAM_flyer_Separate_2-1-scaledGraphic courtesy of FSU kNOw MORE.

During the SAAM Kick Off Week of Action, CHAW and kNOw MORE encourage the FSU community to start SAAM by sending a message to survivors through the template posted on the kNOw MORE social media. 

The following day, the community is asked to upload a video explaining how consent is important while interacting with people every day. 

On April 3, CHAW and kNOw MORE is celebrating Green Dot’s 5th birthday! They ask for the community to post pictures in their Green Dot gear and send a video wishing Green Dot a happy birthday. 

The next day, kNOw MORE wants to see artwork that expresses support for survivors and raises awareness about SAAM. 

Then, kNOw MORE wants the community to share a selfie in which they communicate hope for a world without sexual violence. 

On April 6, kNOw MORE will feature a poll on their social media for followers to submit positive examples of consent and support towards survivors through songs, movies, and other aspects of pop culture. 

To end the SAAM Kick Off Week of Action, the community is asked to participate in FSU Teal Tuesday in which you wear teal or wear a teal ribbon all day in solidarity with survivors; don’t forget to share pictures using the hashtag #FSUTealTuesday

After the kick off week for SAAM, CHAW and kNOw MORE Student Advisory Board have worked diligently to include many virtual opportunities to bring productive conversations about consent and sexual violence to the FSU community. 

CHAW_SAAM_flyer_Separate_22-2-scaledGraphic courtesy of FSU kNOw MORE.

On April 13, the community can take part in Connect with CHAW: I Ask for your Consent Q&A. The CHAW team will host an interactive question and answer session via Zoom regarding consent; questions can be submitted through the CHAW and kNOw MORE Instagram pages between 4/9-4/12 so they can be answered live. 

April 15 is Trauma Informed Day and CHAW will be hosting another Connect with CHAW: I Ask for a Trauma Informed Campus at 3pm. The community is encouraged to join this conversation and discuss how FSU student organizations can establish trauma informed spaces.

SAAM Syllabus Day is on April 16 and will consist of a Zoom discussion about the SAAM Syllabus at 3pm. This conversation is working to continue applying previous Sexual Assault Awareness month campaigns. The SAAM Syllabus can be found here.

On April 20, there will be a dialogue about the role FSU faculty and staff play while being trauma informed. This discussion will take place on Zoom at 3pm and will help faculty and staff understand how they can create supportive spaces for the community. 

Denim Day, a day in which the nation is asked to wear denim in order to take a stand against victim blaming, will take place on April 29. The FSU community is encouraged to share their photos with the hashtag #FSUDenimDay.

SAAM ends with National Take Back the Night, a global event organized by a foundation of the same name. The FSU community can register for this event here in order to hear speakers, poetry, and take part in healing activities.  

To follow SAAM events, you can check the CHAW Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or the kNOw MORE Facebook and Instagram.

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