Help your Students Establish a Schedule with our Wheel Schedule

By Abby Cloud

We are halfway through Summer C and with the fall semester is approaching, Florida State University is working to make students feel comfortable with their health and their education as we implement remote classes and distance learning. Between navigating Zoom classes, staying organized, and maintaining grades, students are battling a new sense of “normal” and we are here to provide resources to aid them in succeeding!

Since many students are staying with their families in their hometowns or residing in Tallahassee with roommates, participating in online classes can lead to many disruptions and distractions–whether it’s intentional or not. With any interruptions, it can be hard for students to continue their usual college routine of going to class, studying, taking assessments, and completing projects. 

To combat this issue, we have created a Wheel Schedule for students to print out and hang outside their rooms so families and friends will be able to stay updated with what your student is doing, minus the interruption.

Artboard 1 copy  Artboard 1-2

Students are encouraged to download and print these Wheel Schedules, write in their preferred schedule, and place it somewhere noticeable in order to reduce the amount of disruption they experience while attending class or completing other tasks. Students can fill in the 8 blanks however they feel is necessary and denote what they are currently doing by attaching a clothespin or paperclip to that segment of the wheel. Below we have some examples of how students can fill out the Wheel Schedules!


This resource will assist students in communicating their school and personal schedules with their families and allow them to have the time necessary to perform their best.

To download these Wheel Schedules, right click on the images on the screen above and click the button that says “Save Image As…” to save to your desktop. From here, you can open it in a Word document to type a schedule or it can be printed and handwritten.

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